Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Needs list, please help if you can!

Shirt: XL mens
Pants: 34x34
Shoes: 12.5 mens
University of Michigan items, XL in Mens shirts, pants 34X34, shoes 12 1/2
In desperate need of a Laptop Computer for college next year.

Shirt: 5T
Pants: 5T slim
Shoes: 10.5
SMALL: Pink, glitter, girly, Belle, Rupuzel, size 5 shirt and coat, size 5 slim jeans or 5 in leggings, size 10.5 in shoes, Horse sheets and a horse comforter set.

Shirt: 4T
Pants: 4T slim
Shoes: 9
SMALL: rainbow, tiedyed and loud! She LOVES Cinderella, anything that says rockstar or has a guitar on it, rockstar shoes, snuggley stuffed animals, wears a size 4 coat and shirt, size 4 leggings, size 4slim jeans, and a size 9 shoe.

Shirt: 4T
Pants: 4T slim
Shoes: 9.5
SMALL: Arial the Mermaid. She loves playing with the little toys like small princesses, dolls, anything miniature is her thing. Calico Critters. wears a size 4 in leggings, size 4slim in jeans and a size 9 1/2 in shoes, Horse sheets and horse comforter set.

Preschool prep
American Girl (gift cards)

Shirt: XL mens
Pants: 34x36
Shoes: 14
He wears a size XL shirts a 34X36 pants and a size 14 shoe (could really use running shoes). He loves Ohio State.

Knitting things, 7.5 shoes, books, med tops/sweaters

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